I would like the three Database relationships explained

i would like help understanding what the relationship options mean if someone able to explain it to me that would be awesome.

Linking users to users is pretty confusing hahah But say for example you were linking Users to a House collect.

Where the house collection is a list of house with their own data.

In this case the sentences in the picture make more sense.

A user can have multiple houses, a house belongs to one user. :: This means that the user can have multiple house records linked to their account. but the house records are only associated with one user in the whole app. It become their house.


A user can only have one house, a house can have multiple user :: This would be the case if you wanted the owner to be only assigned to one house but the house could have multiple users. Think of it like house mates in a house. The users can only live in one house but the house can have multiple people live there.


A user can have multiple houses, a house can have multiple users :: this is as though a person could live at multiple different houses and the house could have multiple different people living in it. By using this option you are not limiting the quantity of records that are linked.

What use case are you trying to do, perhaps it will help more if i can explain with your use case


All explained in Adalo’s documentation.


To explain i read it 5 times it was just difficult for me personally to understanding appropriately what the 3 Relationships meant in general i wanted to get a better Example of one i can understand than one i cant understand.

Trying to make a social media Platform for the community i am in, unsure to how far it will exactly go but some of my thought process and understanding of the resource for this site is impaired as it takes me a little longer to comprehend things than most people.

@Nova πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ Adalo Database Relationships Explained

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Just adding a small video which may help along with these wonderful replies :fire: : Database Design For ANY Feature | Likes, Comments & Shopping Cart Examples | Adalo & Bubble πŸ€“ - YouTube

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