Relationship with lists

Hi experts,

I’m kind of a noob and I’m trying to understand the database. Can someone explain to me how the relationships work? As an example I have added an image.

If I want to create a shop in Adalo and filter all products by categories. Example: when entering the shop you first choose a main category (Men, women, children) Then you choose a sub-category (Bags, Shoes, clothing) Then you choose a sub-sub-category (carry bag, handbag, backpack) If you have made the choice, you will enter the list with all products belonging to the chosen category.

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I understand that you have to work with lists, but I can’t get the hang of setting up the database in such a way that it communicates with each other.

Then immediately comes the next question. :innocent:
I also want to make an option in the app for administrators to add products. This works fine, but I get stuck with the option to immediately give the product the right categories. I’m trying with multiple dropdown but how does this option communicate with the database?

Hopefully I’m not asking too much but I’ve been stuck with this problem for 2 days. Hopefully someone has the solution for me and maybe other Adalo users.

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards, Patrick

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Hi Patrick,

I’ve made a few videos that could help you on this. They’re for restaurants, but the same premise applies.

Maybe less relevant - Adalo Restaurant App Walk Through - How to Customize a Menu Order - YouTube

Hi Erik,

Thank you very much for your reaction. What I don’t understand what relationship type you have to link between your collections. For example: Because I think I’m in a loop. When I add a product this has 1 category and have 1 sub- category but can have multiple sub-sub-category. When I add a product I have to change all the variables in all of those collections to make it work and I think that’s not how it has to be done.

Accidentally hit stop instead of pause, so this one part video became two parts. Hopefully it answers your question:

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