IAP Problem: Product unavailable

I’m getting this error everytime I upload an app to the playstore. It doesn’t matter if its through unity or this site. I’m thinking it could be my setup or something else, but I dont know what is wrong or why this error keeps popping up. Could you help? If i went ahead and published my app, would the IAP’s be avaliable?

Hi Km,

Did you make sure you saved the in-app product in the google play console for IAP? You can read the guides here:

Also, if you’re using dynamic product id’s, make sure there are NO spaces.

Yes. The thing is that I get that error on this platform and Unity. I dont know why.

I do have an underscore in the name.

Are you using dynamic product id’s?


Is the name of the product.

No. How do I do that?

If you’re not using dynamic product id’s there should be no problem.

did you fill out the iOS product id?

I have not done IOS yet. I’m currently working on android first. I’ll take care of IOS once I update my information.

That might be the problem. I myself haven’t used the IAP component so I can’t verify that this is true. @ben1 @Colin could probably confirm if this is true. (or anyone from the Adalo team)

I think the best thing to do here is to submit a support ticket.

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I’ll go ahead and submit a ticket then. Thanks.

No problem. I’m sorry if I didn’t help that well. :slight_smile:

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You’re fine. You did point out the ticket feature i could use.

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how do I do the link to app editor on the ticket?

It looks like this:


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Another question regarding “Restoring purchases.” I saw the guide but I still dont get how to go about restoring a purchase on IOS.

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