Icons not loading in Android

In my android app, facing a wierd issue - the icons are not loading (Wherever there’s an icon it’s showing this)

It was working fine, but I deleted the app and reinstalled it. That’s when I am getting this. What can be the issue ?

Hi @Nitish,

There’s a issue with icons! There are some topics that created. See a one : Language error after publishing update to the app

Best is to Submit a Support Ticket!

Will let you know If I get any updates!

Thank you

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The team is working on this. That’s the best of my knowledge at the moment. Submit a support ticket like Dilon said so our team can track the amount of people facing this issue and respond to all of you at once when the problem is solved.


@jessehaywood I have submitted a support ticket.
I had submitted a few tickets earlier as well, but the problem is I never got a commitment from Adalo as to by when can I expect the issue to be resolved.
As the app is already live, it impacts users at scale. I hope you get the point.

They aren’t able to give a time commitment as to when bugs can be squashed. They identify issues and then try and fix them. All I know is it’s a lot of reverse engineering and troubleshooting. I’m sure there is a lot more that goes into it, so I’m sorry for my simplicity, but I don’t know what that process looks like.


This should be fixed now


Amazing thanks

Thanks Jesse for the update!

@Nitish are you able to confirm if this is fixed for you?

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Yes @jessehaywood this is working now. Thanks !

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I have the same problem. Need to update a build?

Yes @basssab rebuild the app

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