If I downgrade my subscription, will the functionality of the published app be affected?

I have a question regarding the impact of changing Adalo’s pricing plan on published apps.

For instance, if I develop an app under the Professional plan and publish it to the App Store for users, then switch to the Free plan, how will my published app be affected? Will features exclusive to the Professional plan (e.g., Custom Actions) become unavailable in the published app?

I would appreciate any assistance or insights on this matter. Thank you.

This subject has been covered many times in this forum. A quick search, and you will find responses.

Thank you for your response.

You are correct that the topic has been mentioned before. However, I would like to request more specific information. Specifically, I would like to know if I publish an app with Custom Actions to the AppStore while on the Professional plan, and then downgrade to the Free plan, will I still be able to use Custom Actions from the published app without any issues?

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