Images are not loading from Google sheets url

Hi anybody can help , my images are not loading from Google sheets , I gave it name as cover , everything is working just the images are not showing

Hi @Singhtek,

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  • The 1 one would not show because it’s not a image URL.
  • The 2 and 3 format the URL’s like this : ,

  • The 4 one, can you check if the permission is public for that image?

Thank you

Hi thanks very much for the help
But you entered the url manually by adding image.jpg in the end ,
I want just library cover commond

And if you copy the url from Google sheet and paste in the browser it shows the image without image.jpg in the end

I just changed the url it works , but it’s cropping my image and lossing it’s quality , I selected do not crop still it’s cropping ,how can I show full image

Try formatting the URL like this : ,

To get that URL you can click the below icon :

And copy the URL that will display on the address bar :

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