Images (imgur) on the list - aws error


I am building a list connected to a database. One of the columns in the databases is filled with links to images hosted on imgur. When I try to view these images in my databases, I see an error - for whatever reason, Adalo is connecting to this address:
and can’t do that:
AccessDeniedAccess Denied3F9C059D4CA2A0B7ZjoeWAyM769zC7SBM/R37IGi2LPolh9MamEMf4OFST9cWgRD21vjDihJrAAcyIW8XUSfhMYCSw0=

Is it an imgur, aws or adalo issue? please advise!

you should open your app on the chrome developer tools. open “console” there and see the logs. I got a 500 internal server error froma dalo and that’s how I knew it was from Adalo’s side.

@David can we have some kind of update, please? There’s a lot of us who depend on your team’s amazing work and have not been able to work properly for quite some weeks now without much information on what’s happening on Adalo’s side.

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Issue is still present, unfortunately. I assume it has smth to do with AWS migration?

Ok, I tried a few image hostings - still the same error. Must be an Adalo issue. Seems like it could be quickly solved by just taking out the ‘’ before ANY image link…
@Ben, @Colin could you advise PLEASE?

I’m a little confused. Are the image links being stored as an image property? If you’re storing image links to Imgur, they should be stored as a text property instead.

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check on chrome developer tools -> console
while you’re using your app on the browser and see if there are some 500 errors. I have those and they are from Adalo’s side

Good advice, thank you!

Yep there are some 500 errors. Was able to fix my issue with @pfordmedia suggestion, though. Thanks for the support!