Images Optimisation if not sourced as URL

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Hello guys, can someone please help me with images sourcing and optimisation? I am referring to the topic of a great tip on how to optimise the images but I am not sure I fully understand.

If I am talking about the images that are part of my app (added by me) I can simply put the code (f.e. &auto=compress&w=300) behind the image’s URL (URL from anywhere on the internet) and it does the job - optimised pictures for different situations.

But how do I do that if a user adds a picture that is part of Adalo collection and then is shown as a part of the collection? Can I still use a code to optimise it even if it’s not sourced as URL? The same can be if the image from my app is sourced from my collection (containing images). I hope it’s not confusing too much if so I will try to explain better. Thanks for all kind of help!

Hi Tommen, you can still use the same method for this except instead of using the following method:

You would choose this method instead:

Let me know if you need further assistance on this.


Hi Colin, thanks for your response! Can I please ask you for possible advantages of this rather than sourcing it from database/uploading? I reduced sizes of images and uploaded in order to make loading as fast as possible but may redo it if sourcing as url is better. Thanks!

There is no difference other than being able to add parameters on top of the URL.

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Thanks Colin, appreciate your help!

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