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Quick question about the way the Adalo in app purchase component works. Normally a user doesn’t need to have an account for an app to make an in app purchase. (This is true for iOS — I’m not sure about Android.) The purchase is tied to their Apple ID, not necessarily a specific app account.

Is my understanding correct: with Adalo’s IAP component a user must have an account on the app because the purchase needs to be recorded to a user account?

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Hey @anon78309838. Can you shed some light on this?

hey @Mikhaeel , you don’t technically need an adalo user account for the component to work.

However, you should definitely be recording the purchase in the account, otherwise there is no way to know who made the purchase.

I’d advise you to have the user sign up before letting them purchase.

Use the success action of the component to create a ‘Purchase’ or something similar in your database, and make sure it’s linked to the user data.


Thanks for your reply. So basically what I said initially is correct, the user has to have an account on the app for the purchase to be recorded.


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