Insert random item in a list every x elements

Hi everyone!
I was looking for some help in implementing a very particular feature:
My objective is to have a list of elements (like some Posts as in a Social Network) and then have some Ad Banners every x number of Posts.
My best idea was to add an index property to both the Posts and the Ad Banners, create a custom list containing the Posts and a List (with only one element) of Ad Banners, set the visibility of the banner List to true only if the index of the Post is a multiple of x (which doesn’t seem to be possible), and then randomize the Ad Banner between a set of premade one with a custom filter like “Index = RAND(1, …)” (which doesn’t seem to be possible either since i can’t insert a custom formula as a filter).

Does anyone have any suggestion or workaround? Am I missing something that would be crucial? Or is this simply impossible to achieve at the moment?

I could simplify the structure by treating an Ad Banner in the same way as a normal Post, adding some boolean property for solving the visibility problem (as I saw in another Post on the forum discussing how to achieve what i’m trying to do but with AdMob. The main difference - and problem - being that i need to randomize the content of the Ad Banner between a set that I created).

Thank you very much for your help, and let me know if i wasn’t clear enough describing my problem!

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