Integration API Swagger

Hello guys. I have to do a Swagger integration. I did not figure out how to integrate it to my app.
I’ve tryied so many times, so different ways but unsucessfull.
Could anyone experienced help me?
Here is Swagger data and docs:

How can i connect to my app?

I’ve tryied to put softwareKey, secret, userId, userKey here, as Auth Setup header parameters but did not work.

Any ideas? Can anyone help me please?

Hi @carlosfinezi,

With this API what you need to do?

In your screenshots the API that you trying to connect is POST which means you need to create a custom action for this!

Thank you

I have a database to get some data, like costumers, orders, vehicle and others. Filtering and adding.

This is an example:

For Get multiple records you can use a External Collection. And based on your screenshots you need to add a test clientid as a query on your external collection setup.

Yes, i’ve tried External Collection. This is wat i could not connect. I have softwarekey, secret, userid, userkey, provided by software developer. But i just cant connect. I would like to get all client, for example to show in my app.

Don’t have a experience with this API! But will test this tomorrow and send the results ( hope I can make it work :slightly_smiling_face: )!