Integromat (make) & google vision (link outdated)

Hi folks,

I am trying to make this one work here:

But the integromat url is outdated: Sign in | Integromat

Can you help me?

Hi @itsmemario,

What you can’t do? URL is outdated means? Where are you stuck?

Thank you

This link is not working anymore as integromat changed to „“…

On make I cannot find the ready made integration

Oh got it! Patrick ( @pford ) could you help here? :upside_down_face:

I guess you still can use Intergomat because I saw a video made by Victor and uploaded on this year june! : Adalo + Make / Integromat: how to set relationship for Adalo record in Make scenario - YouTube But not sure. Maybe you have to create that by scratch? :eyes:

Yes I think you have to have had an old Integromat account in order to access Integromat, but the modules and everything should still be the same. It’s likely this ready made integration was not ported over to Make since the template is owned by someone outside of Adalo.

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