Introducing... Carescertain (focused care keeping with those in your care circle))

We’ve crafted a new app - with some social features - that builds care connections between two people who want occasional updates about health, mood and more. The app provides free accounts to all, and each match between two people - intentional, not random - comes with a small in-app purchase which allows for unlimited and indefinite connection and structured reporting. The app supports communication to another party, by email, who is in caring thoughts - inviting their participation once the small pairing fee is paid. On your timeline, you use this app to ask for structure check-ins by the other - and of course, those check-ins are bi-directional when one party has purchased the connection.
Too much social media is about cats and politics. Carescertain focuses on indicators of general wellbeing, and promotes sharing of that information in pairs so that you know how your besties are doing.

Carescertain @ Apple App Store
Carescertain @ Google Play Store

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