IOS build error


I’ve tried to do an iOS build of my app but it raises an error :

My Android build is working fine.
What can be the error?


It happens sometimes I also faced this type of issue earlier, try to export the build after some time if it’ll still happen then submit a ticket here -

It’s failing on creating the Notifcation key.

  1. Go to and log in to your profile.
  2. Click on “Certificates, IDs & Profiles”
  3. Click on Keys
  4. Delete any existing keys here.
  5. Retry your build

Full initial solution discovery thread here: iOS build STILL failing... Adalo support nonexistent


The owner of the Apple Store Connect is my client and he has other Apps on it. What exactly should I remove in order to not delete something important for its other apps?

I’ve checked, there are no key and it’s still failing. The release of my client’s app is on November 12. What can I do for making this working?

Good question. Multiple apps would mean active keys might already exist. I’d submit a support ticket for this one. When Adalo provides the solution, if you could, please post it back here because I’d be curious to know as I will have multiple apps running in the future on Adalo and would be good to add to Adalo documentation.

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You can’t create more than 2 keys. Luckily the developer of my client’s other app is a colleague and he could delete his other key, keeping just one of them (his app wasn’t made with Adalo)

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Have you been able to compile successfully with an existing key or is it still failing?

Yes, now it’s building !

So what was the solution exactly? You were able to build with an existing key or did you have to delete the ones from the profile you were building from?

I’ve deleted one of our 2 keys so that Adalo could add his key

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