iOS builds have been failing

iOS builds have been failing with “Creating key!” message on log errors…

I recive poor assistence from support adalo, someone can helpme

this is the log:

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I’m also waiting. I still haven’t gotten a response from Adalo. I sent a message to support but still no response. I have my app stopped because of this.

If you get any answers or solutions, please share them here :handshake:

shure, do you have an alternative to adalo?

How long are you waiting for solution?
I’m waiting from 16/02/2022

Are you asking me if there is another Nocode platform better than Adalo? I’m waiting less time than you. I think tonight will be 48 hours. The problem is that I need to deliver this app as soon as possible. It’s ready, I just need Adalo to help me with these Error Logs. I don’t know when they solved it.

Hi Paulo, I’m solving deleteing some unused profiles from
The Adalo information was no clear. the talk about certifies not PROFILES.

Tell me if you have solve or not!

check the attachment !

Thanks for trying to help me. I made this deletion now and I’m trying again. As soon as it concludes, I’ll let you know if it worked.

Uploading: Captura de Tela 2022-02-24 às 10.31.57.png…

It’s still giving Error Log. I didn’t get a response from Adalo support either.

send me the error log

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