IOS Build Failing multiple times

Hello everyone, is there anyone having fails during the IOS Build? Is there any way to solve this issue? Thank you a lot!

Hi @Filli,

This issue was raised by Nathan (@theadaloguy) and Jimmy (@njimmy10) in the Community Leaders Slack Channel ! And Jesse (@jessehaywood) said the engineers are working on it!

Hope this issue will solve soon!

Thank you

Thank you, how can I join the channel?

Sorry! You can’t. It’s for Community Leaders! Updated the post :man_facepalming:

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Perfect thanks!

Is there any update on this issue?

There has been no update on the status of this request yet. I am also keeping an eye on it on the channel.

Hi there! Is there still no updates?
I can’t upload my build for 4 days already
@Flawless @dilon_perera

Not yet! We’ll update here if we get any update on this issue!

That’s crazy, more that one week. I think this is quite important…

Im having same issues.My ios build keeps failung. Nailed adalo so many times but no reply. Is this what we are paying Pro Plan for?

same here, issue still happening.

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