IOS Build - Negative Number?

Hello, I just build my first ios project and the initial time counter from 15 minutes is due and its now Building, -13:-23 remaining and counting… is that normal? How to fix?!?

There are some issues with our connection to TestFlight in order to determine this sometimes. Sometimes this may result in needing to create a new build but in a lot of cases, this app will already be built and available in your Testflight.

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Do I have to keep the browser open while building? I closed it yesterday and now its still -34 remaining. How to stop it? I cant build now until its finished or? Oh and an android I have the same issue, its -54 there now. Can you implement some STOP button?

There is no stop button. Don’t worry it’s actually not still building when this happens and you can just ignore the error there in time remaining.

You do not need to keep the browser open while building.

But wont following builds wait until the flaw one stopped counting down? I havent tried yet.

No, it will create a new build regardless.


Iam not so sure. Its now hours ago that I START NEW TESTFLIGHT BUILD :frowning:

Its building now. took some time. Thanks

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