Is 3D Secure a problem for accepting payments in europe?

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I am an entrepreneur from Switzerland, and I have a question in regards to accepting payment with Stripe:

I am very worried about how 3D-Secure will impact my business. So would you please tell me in which situation the user will need to pay through 3D-Secure? And if these cases occur, can this problem be solved in Adalo?

I tried to make some payment with Stripe with my app, and it worked fine → no 3D Secure needed. Was that just a coincidence that it worked with my credit card? Might IT well be that it will not work when a “real customer” tries to put a payment?

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We just had a discussion about it few days ago: 3D secure on Stripe (2021 update)

On my side, I’ve tried to make several payments with different credit cards and sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t (it probably depends on your bank). So I would recommend waiting for Adalo to update their Stripe component or go for another solution (on my side I am trying to use Stripe payment links instead).

Hope this helps!

thanks for the quick response.
How exactly are using the links, are you building a simple website or which providers are u using?

Here is how I’ve done it on my iOS/Android app:

  • You create a Stripe payment link for the articles you wanna sell on your app (ex: T-Shirt A - 15€)
  • You copy that link and add a property “link” for your article ‘T-Shirt A’ in your Adalo app and then paste it here
  • When a customer opens your app to buy this article you redirect him to this web page

You can check my app for example:


@Regis Never heard of Stripe payment link. Thanks for that gorgeous insight! Can it manage cart? In your example you say that you create one link per article, but what is your customers is buying to different products? He must pay twice?

About the update Adalo is doing, I am worried it won’t be enough. France, and Europe in general has passed 3D Secure. We know need strong authentication that goes through the bank app and not an code sent by text messages.
Can someone from Adalo confirms that you are aware of this and that this new feature will not be already outdated?

Not sure if it can manage a cart, for the moment I only use it for single purchases (the customer has to pay twice if he/she wants to buy 2 different products).

I know Stripe gives you the option to allow your customer to select a quantity (if he wants to buy a unique produit in several copies) but I don’t know if it can manage a cart with differents items.

@Regis cool App, by the way!
And thanks for the insights!

I assume that you have not triggered an action in the Adalo App after the payment was successful - probably that is not possible right? Or are you working with integrations…??

@golivrob: You are correct. That is a problem. It would be very significant to hear the opinion of the Adalo Team in regards to this topic. I am not sure whether there is enough awareness about the importance of this topic. Many apps are not usable if this problem is not solved.

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Thanks :wink:
Yeah actually I ask for the user to confirm if the payment was alright for him after the transaction to trigger the action of a successful payment in Adalo… not great but that’s the only way I have found for now. There are probably better solutions (let me know if you find one!).

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