Is it possible to add video recording as a core functionality of an app

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I have tried to search for an answer without finding one, so I’m trying to ask here before diving into Adalo too much.

As part of a starup idea I would like to create an iOS app which after being logged in would allow a user to record a video (most likely for up to 60 minutes, and preferably in the ultra-wide angle but it could be more simple to begin with) and then when the recording stops the video is automatically uploaded to be stored in the cloud and deleted from the device and app.

Is it possible to do something like this with Adalo?
And if not are there any other No-Code tools where this might be possible?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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I would like to have this feature as well.

We need to wait for custom component to do that or maybe engineering team can provide it as soon as after GPS feature.

There is a hope for this, as Pragmaflow have demonstrated audio recording which means it can access microphone, so a step closer to video recording.

But if you are in hurry, Bubble could be more suitable choice.

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Thanks a lot for this very helpful reply!

I am planning to build a prototype by the end of next month, so this is very useful to know.

I am actually just getting started with building the website in Bubble, but as far as I can tell it is not possible to build mobile apps on Bubble, so do you still think it will be possible to build this functionality as part of a mobile app?

For mobile native, Adalo is the preferred choice.

Your answer could be found on their forum.

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Great - thanks a lot for your quick and helpful response.

Happy new year

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