Is possible make a time filter like "This Week End" on a list?

Hi to all.

I need to make a time filter based on “This WeekEnd”.
May be must be created a formula.

Any idea?

Hi @EvilDice ,
To filter for Example the upcoming weekend Events in a List? Maybe more details of what you are trying to achieve?

Yes I need to filter a events list by “This weekend”

Do events last more than one day?

I think you need a collection of dates that are the weekends with a start column and finish column
Start / Finish
28 May / 29 May
4 Jun / 5 Jun
11 Jun / 12 Jun….

Probably a relationship Weekends:Events,
And a filter ‘EventDate is between EventWeekendStart and EventWeekendFinish’ OR EventDateEnd is between EventWeekendStart….Finish

Alternatively for one day events, when an event is created, store in the same collection the name of the day. Can you use date format to display the chosen day name in a text input? Then update the record with that text and filter your list “Saturday OR Sunday”

Hi @EvilDice ,
You can achieve this the following way:

Imagine you have an EventsDay collection with following fields:

  • Event Name - Regular event
  • Event Date - Date of the Event
  • Event Week Day - Week day of the Event (This will be from 1 to 7)
  • Event Calendar Week - Calendar week, so 1 to 52

I created my dates in Excel, so in my case 1 Sunday (First day of the week) and 7 Saturday (Last day of the week)

The collection will look like this:


Now you create filters in the Collection:

Input” is a “Number” input text field with the condition using magic text “All eventdays - CalendarWeek - Minimum”. This will make sure we only get the next/this weekend (Assuming all dates are in the future, if not, you need to add an extra filter “Is after” and set for Start of Today, to make sure dates from past don’t appear) displayed in the list:


CalendarWeek is equal to “Input” will make sure only the smallest week will appear (In my case, this weekend, the 23)

And Weekday is equal to 1 to make sure only Sunday will appear (Saturday comes next below, don’t worry)

Then we do the same but for Saturday, using a “OR” condition

Here below is already both conditions grouped together with the OR

In the end you want: weekday 1 or 7 and the Minimum week which is the 23.

If you don’t delete dates regularly, Apply another condition to each as:


Final Result (I only have 2 events for week 23, the current one, the 2028/2022 disregard, had wrong date format :smiley: ):


NOTE: The reason I added the Input text field and not the condition directly in the List, is because this looks like a bug, I tried to add them in the list, but they didn’t work.
Something like this:

I will report this to ADALO, to check if it is a bug on my side, you can check on your side if you want, because it eliminates the need of having the input text field to get the Minimum week

The input text field you can hide from the frontend as usual using the visibility mode in the screen:

Hope you find useful, have fun Adaloing :slight_smile: .

This may help, if you work it into your flow when adding events.


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