Is there a way to do a custom horizontal list to show a Tinder-like UX?

Hello Adalos of the world!

I’ve been trying all “Lists” components formats to do a “Tinder” like UX, but I haven’t found a solution yet.
Is there anyway to do a custom horizontal list?

Thank you all!

Hi @leonortorres,

Unfortunately, you can build custom horizontal lists and you can only build custom vertical lists. There is a horizontal list but with less customization settings.

Vote here! : Custom horizontal lists | Voters | Adalo

But I guess that you need is the Deck Swiper component because you are trying to create a Tinder like UX!


You can download it going into the marketplace!

Thank you


Thank you Dilon!
I voted for the custom horizontal list feature :grinning:
I’ll test the desk swipper component – thanks again!

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Unfortunately, Custom horizontal list are only possible when coding

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Thank you! Could custom code be added to Adalo?

yeah you can add a javascript component that allows you to add custom code: Adalo+Javascript - Component for writing little scripts - YouTube

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This component will not help at all.

But yes you can add custom codes

My bad, whats the best way to add custom code? Cause you help by attaching it?

This javascript component you mentioned only does basic js work, run basic code.

When it comes to lists, texts, packages, and stuff this component will never be able to do that, you just go and code a component from A-Z using adalo dev doc

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Thank you @njimmy10!
Do you have a link?

@njimmy10 is meaning this i believe Creating a Component | Adalo

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