Job, looking for a developer

hi guys I am looking for a experienced developer to come on zoom and guide me, guide me with things that I don’t know how to do it, I am totally new person in development and I have 10 days experience only. i am paying $10 per-hour for some one to help me with my project.
everything is fixed and nothing will be changed if you are interested in this prosition please email me at

don’t email me if you are not willing to come on zoom or you don’t want to work at $10 an hour.

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Your initiative to learn is commendable! I remember starting out in development, feeling lost at times.

Hey! I get the struggle of starting out; we’ve all been there. While looking for a mentor, have you considered exploring side jobs to make money? I once freelanced as a coding tutor alongside my learning journey – it helped me refine my skills and pay the bills.