Large forms in several screens

Hi everyone,

I have a large collection to complete in a form, so to avoid the scrolling, I want to paginate the fields in 3 screens, the issue is that on the Create collection button, I can not see all the 3 screens to select the value of the fields/properties.
By example, at this image you can see the screen called “Add Photos”, but on the Photo1 field I can not choose the image element from “Add Photos” screen.
Any help?

Are you ensuring that you’ve got Image Picker components on your Add Photos screen, instead of just Image components?


You are right!!
Thank you

I have an idea for pagination, but I’m not sure if it would work.

You don’t have to display all fields to create a collection. Add the fields you want on the first screen, and then put the “create collection” button. But label the button “Next”. The user won’t know the difference.

That button should quietly create the collection and take the user to screen 2. Add the fields you want on this screen, but your button action here will be “Update collection” (but still labeled “Next”).

Then add the final fields on the 3rd screen with another Update button. Label this button “Submit” or whatever you want.

The user should just see a paginated form.

I think this will work and will still have great UX.

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