Limitation of numbers of functions

We have build a general kind of SNS by Adalo, which has functions of 1) searching and connecting friends in the app, 2) publishing and reading a personal profile, and 3) talking with friends.

From now, we would like to add features of 4) feeding personal news and 5) check-in with GPS like Facebook.

<Question #1>
Is there any limitation of numbers of features which can be incorporated in a single mobile app? For example, furnishing too much features in a single app may cause slow responses in the developing circumstanceor the user environment?

Is it necessary to select Pro Plan or Business Plan when we install more than a certain amount of features in a single mobileapp?

@pairpare - there is no limit on functions or features or screens. Things have been slow recently, but previously you could build large apps with many concurrent users without trouble.

@dosandco Thank you for your prompt reply! Well noted.