Recent Performance Issues

Has anyone else suffered recent (serious) performance issues? I have raved about how good (and fast) Adalo is, say, compared to Bubble.

See here, for example.

I’ve not used Adalo for a few weeks - I am roadblocked by the absence of what I consider a few key requirements. This week, however, I came back to try out Custom Actions. I am really disappointed with the performance generally of my app - on a (very basic) app, in development, with no users, it has dropped significantly - such that I could never put it into production. As an idea, in the preview, I can see the Adalo favicon as it loads before it loads my own one - I have never seen that before.

I don’t know whether Adalo has recently had a surge in activity or whether server resources have been reallocated/amended, but my experience this week would see me not recommending it. I have become used to blazing-fast calculations and rendering (one of the main reasons I came to Adalo instead of Bubble), and I’m feeling a little disappointed now.

Has anyone else had similar problems? I’m in London - I know that there have been issues in the past, and here, and here, but I hadn’t really experienced them until now.

Edit: I note @AfonsoMarques is having similar trouble - apologies for the duplcate post.


Me in Indonesia also experiencing the same issue. Even creating a Record from a button takes 1-2 seconds.

Hi there,

My two cents…
Unfortunately, the same issues here in Moscow. PWA preloading speed is about 20-30 sec, toggle changes - 1-3 sec, counters, visibility (hide, show) is also not instantaneous.

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hi Darragh, I wouldn’t say I’ve faced serious issues but I have quite a few. My main gripe is that it is slow. I’ve built some 30 screens with a few more to go and I’m playing around with about 150 test dummy users. Yet, there’s a 5 second delay in loading some pages. I can only imagine how slow the app would be if I were to launch it as planned and I get some 1000 users. I will certainly have to upgrade to the $200 subscription immediately.
Additionally, adalo shows errors every so often, typically during US daytime hours. So I’m glad that US daytime is dinner + bedtime for me (I’m in London too). Presumably it is the server issue with plenty of new sign ups.
But I am now alarmed that I could face more issues, just like you are, once I progress more.
Hope the adalo team can secure some new funding to sort the matters out.


Hi. Another UK Adalo user here and I just want to add to the thread to support the others experiencing slowness as I am facing the same issue. I have an app (for a paying client) due to go to production next week but I can’t see that happening with the delays I’m seeing everywhere in the platform - backend and frontend.

Like everyone here, I LOVE the product, I want to use it more, and I have clients queueing up for apps built on it. The price for what we get is very competitive compared to some platforms and so this is not a complaint but… if the platform can’t deliver on what it is built to provide, it becomes impossible to use, to promote to others, and to release production apps upon.

I don’t think that this is a “cross-Atlantic latency” issue as the performance is hugely variable within a very short session on an app so this feels like an infrastructure issue. With Custom Actions now pulling in more people, because the feature is awesome of course, I sincerely hope that Adalo can sort out the problems and avoid damaging their reputation. I, for one, am nervous right now…


Hi there, Similar performance issues in Sydney, Australia. It takes 5-10 seconds to do some basic changes, even things like renaming a form will take time.

And every so often the entire app times out with ‘You are offline’ and then it just returns to normal after 10-20 seconds. I am not offline, it obviously times out on the back-end. Hopefully they will get some servers in Asia/Australia region…

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Hi there. Are you guys still facing the same issue? I am from Malaysia and apparently the performance in terms of loading time for both Adalo platform and its corresponding preview version is painstakingly slow.

Is there any other way to go about this?


I’m sorry you’re experiencing this issue. We haven’t had any known major performance issues as of late. However, we hear you all on the overall latency and are working on an ongoing performance project to make this more consistent and faster all around. We appreciate your patience as we continue to provide an amazing platform.

Hmm, the issue still persists. Would like to know if there is anything on my side that I could do in order to mitigate the latency issue. Any advice?

@yifeixkou there shouldn’t be anything you need to do on your end. We’re working currently to make Adalo more globally performant.

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@Ben Amazing that you are working on this. We are rolling out with our app with users in EU/ASIA and would expect better performance in those regions. Is there a timeline in place?

Hello, one of my app is so slow after the database grow to total 1 thousand of records. It’s so slow inside the android app, and even I can’t access the app builder screen from (it’s just loading all the time & several times showing a message that tells me I’m offline). And I’m sure its not my internet problem.

Is this really the maximum performance capability adalo can offer? We’re just launching the app last week, and it creates 100-200 records per day. And just after a week the app become completely lagging everywhere.

At the beginning I thought that Adalo at least can handle to thousand records per day, and at least I need a year or two until it reaches the “lagging performance issue”. But with only 100 records per day with total only 1000 records, and just after a week it suddenly so lag, I conclude it myself adalo is just for MVP, prototyping, or testing. That’s it.

I think Adalo team also should make a clarification or something that “Adalo only limited for anything below X record per day, only working best in X region, with under X number of screen, etc”, so people won’t false promising their client.

Finally, what I’m asking in this post are (since no response yet with my email to :

  1. Is there any quick solution to fix this? How to make my app become not slow again?
  2. How can I access my app builder screen again? Because I just can’t even access & delete my data in my collections
  3. I need a clarification, is this really the maximum performance capability adalo can offer? Or is this lagging happens because of something wrong on my side?

Has the Adalo team considered porting some parts of Adalo to DART to speed up traffic or rendering of an Adalos-made-Apps ? Its such a great Builder its a shame its not that snappy… :disappointed_relieved:
i’m not a coder but seen some spectacular demos of Apps made using Dart, particularly talking about speed/rendering…along with an Offline feature I’d find sooooo needed.

Thanks for reading…my 2 cents :zipper_mouth_face:

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We do hear you all and recognize the challenge. This is a major focus for us as we work on a full performance enhancement project! There’s great things in store with Adalo and we’re working to bring back the snappy!

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Great to hear Ashley. We’re really happy with Adalo and the only issue we are facing is the latency one. Right now we are on the Pro plan but if there was a possibility of upgrading to an enhanced performance plan we would definitely pay extra and do so! :slight_smile:

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Hi there guys!

Performance is really an issue for me (from Barcelona). I’m working with around 15k records in database in terms of static data (only one user created to mess around) and the performace of the database is really, REALLY SLOW. I can only imagine when a couple hundred people are messing around with the records!

Even the silliest of the data base interactions is slow (say, in a list of objects a button that adds the user to the current object). Slow as in, 5 to 8 seconds slow!

Plus the app (android apk) keeps getting randoms timeouts…

I’m aware that Adalo is currently working on this, but is there an aprox date as to when will changes take place?

I’m absolutely in love with the platform, and the only dealbreaker for me is the performance, both native-app-wise and database-wise. It’s painful cause, as I said, the platform is absolutely stunning in every other way.

So, any ideas as to when changes will be mane regarding performance?

Many thanks!

Hi @Frostjaw I totally understand your frustrations here. It is something that is at the forefront of our attention. As you alreayd know, we are working on the performance issues and currently we have a timeline to fix this for Q3.

In the meantime perhaps I could help make a few suggestions to your app that may speed it up based on my own learnings with this issue?

Hi, @Colin. Are there any updates with issue? Q3 is done

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Please read here: