Link to existing chat instead of creating a new one

Hi guys, can someone please advise me on how to create an action that would link to already existing text with a current user instead of creating a new one again and again? I’ve created an action that creates a conversation with the current user but struggle to figure out how to link to existing chat instead of creating a new one. Thanks!

Does anyone have any ideas please?

@Tommen have you seen this tutorial, Adalo | Chat Tutorial, sounds like you may be missing the messages collection.

Thank you for your response @ashley. I’ve seen the tutorial and followed it. However, it does not solve the issue. The app from the video creates always new conversation and does not recognise whether there is already an existing conversation with the current user, therefore does not link to it. That is undesirable and should be solved when creating a chat. Nevertheless, if I’m wrong and did not catch something I apologise but I believe I am not.

Hi Tommen,

There is a solution for this although it is not an elegant one. Basically you have a list of conversations that shows only the conversations between you and that user(s). The conversation is shown as a button identical to the one that creates a new conversation however the visibility is determined by the count of the conversations you share between you. If it’s less than 1, the button for creating a conversation shows. If it’s 1 or more, the list of conversations shows with only one item. Clicking it takes you to the current conversation.

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Hi Patrick, thanks for your advice. Can you please confirm I understood correctly? Is it condition like:

Create and link to new conversation - visible if
Logged in User - Conversations (Conversation members) - Does not Contain - Current User (Email)

(don’t create new but) link to already existing conversation - visible if
Logged in User - Conversations (Conversation members) - Contains - Current User (Email)

Thanks for help!

Also, do you think it can be done as conditional action (with the same condition) on 1 button rather than with 2 buttons with different conditional visibilities?

Bingo on the first post! You can also use a participating users index field but you can’t remove people from the conversation that way.

As for the second post, unfortunately no because in order to pull info about the conversation you share with that user, it must be a list of Conversations.

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Perfect! As always, thank you for the best advice :slight_smile:

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