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I’m hoping there is someone who has addressed this issue before.

I have a web application that is using a custom domain (let’s call it I have another page in the app that I want to send to someone as a link, but when I test it by putting it into my browser, it goes to that correct page, but immediately jumps to the homepage

Any ideas how I can give a link to a specific page of a web application?


Here is what I’m talking about. If you click on this link, it goes to the correct page, and then immediately forwards to the homepage

i tried it, but i was not forwarded to any page…

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@get-the-memo same for me - I stayed in Donation page

I was redirected to home… I noticed that when entering any page directly in the browser, I get redirected to home. But if I go to the home and browser to the pages through the menu, I don’t get redirected. Is this due to database privacy?

Thank you for the replies. I was able to isolate the issue to a add-on component called Device Detector. Now I’m trying to work to eliminate the issue.

Thanks everyone.

Where can i find the device detector component?

I think this one right?

I do have a device detector component which is under review to become available on the marketplace for free…


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