New Component! Device Detector - Responsive Web and WebApp

New component announcement!

Device Detector

  • Create a Responsive Website or WebApp
  • Direct Users to screens built for Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop
  • Easy Setup

Try the Demo

Feel free to DM me if you have any questions.


Haha, are you trolling?
What’s the issue?

You can use our custom component to send users on your website or webapp to screens built specifically for that screen size.

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Okay. Where is it? I can’t find it in the Component Marketplace.

This is a custom component that we built at NoCode Monkey.
You can find this one and a few others at

If you buy the component on our site we will add it your account.
Then you will be able to see it in your Components on Adalo.

I love this!! I do have one question… does this dynamically change the page view or will I need the same page set up 4 different ways depending on screen size then push the user there once the component runs the check?


You will need to set up 4 different screens and direct the user to the screen for their device (unless you want for instance the Mobile Landscape and Tablet to share the same screen).

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Love this! Nice work Michael!


Thanks Colin!! I really appreciate it.

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Thank you @ionutilie.
So happy it worked for you!

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@highlancer You can see the info about the device detector here.

Let’s say I have a desktop web app and a separate mobile web app. Can I create a third app that uses this component to redirect to either site based on the device?

Yeah, basically you would just send the user to a new webpage “A” (action → Link → Website) if the device is Mobile/Tablet size and send them to webpage “B” if the device is Web size

Hi, Michael! @Michael
Am I understand you right? That component will allow users from different devices see the IOS Published APP (for example) the same way such as on iPhone 13 or iPhone 10?
I mean items will not moved and etc.
Is it automatically? Do not need to push users click the link?
Thank you so much for your response. Service seems great!

Hi Michael, please help me understand. I bought the component and want to install, I understand the concept of 4 different screens sizes and being directed to the relevant one from sign in. Does this mean that the whole app must be designed in these 4 sizes, that would make sense to me but this is my very first app build so I need to be sure. Thanks

Hey @karp0ne and @Leonl1978,
Here’s a video that explains the steps for setting it up.
Feel free to DM me if you have other questions.

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Perfect, thank you Michael!!!

Michael, I installed the device detector and it works great. So now I want to ask a question that probably sounds stupid to most. I changed the sizes of my first screen to accommodate all 4 displays, does this mean I have to change the size of all the screens in my app, so have the same screen 4 times but in different sizes? Do I understand it correctly?

@Leonl1978 Yeah that’s correct. Or you can just do it for specific screens that need special sizing.