Linking zoom API with Adalo

Hey, I am trying to build a fitness app for corporate clients, each company will have a separate zoom link for their team, and I am trying to link the zoom API with Adalo.

Does anyone have experience linking Zoom API with Adalo? The instructional video by Adalo on how to link with airtable was a little unclear and to link zoom seems different.

Instructions how to link zoom specifically or point me in the right direction with details how to do it would be greatly appreciated.


@liam There are known limitations of Zoom API on iOS:

Good news there’s another platform that is embeddable on webview: Google hangouts.
Haven’t tried it but see for yourself which one is embeddable in Adalo Webview component.

Hey Torch, Appreciate the response.

Getting this error when trying to embed google hangout.

Not sure what to do as I need to integrate some sort of weekly meeting catch ups via video conference into the app, whether that’s by API integration, embedded web view or copyable link, can anyone help with this situation?


Another way would be: iOS Universal links. Liinks in the app that opens app. Maybe with your users they need to have the Zoom App.

You will then just need to have a Button saying e.g Join me in Zoom > Just add the zoom link. On iOS it will open the Zoom App automatically IF the user has that app installed.

There will be a divide on this as I am not sure with Android behaviour. Good luck mate!

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Thanks so for your help Torch,

I was able to embed the zoom registration for meeting via embedded web view, and also create a button that opens up zoom meeting directly.


Glad I could help.

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