List Bug with external collections?

Is anyone facing issue with lists?

even though I have different results in the external collections response, I can see only the first one (repeating) in the list when I put it on the screen.

Bumping this up, can anyone confirm please? Thanks!

PS: I sent a support ticket as well, asking here if anyone is facing the same issue.

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What source was your external collection from? I encountered a similar result (duplicate records in place of other records that were supposed to be there, though in a list with others that weren’t duplicates) when trying to connect Algolia to a custom list.

I am using Youtube, and I got a response from the support team that it’s indeed an issue which needs to be fixed. But not a priority at the moment.

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This appears to still be an issue.


I have the same problem…
Anyone have an solution for this please ?

@Colin :sweat_smile:

Thank you in advance,

I’m having the same issue as well. Response shows the data correctly, but the list duplicates many times. Hopefully a fix comes soon, because this is keeping me from releasing my app.

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Has anyone found resolution to this issue?

I think it has been fixed! :tada::face_with_monocle: