List duplication issue


Is adalo update going on . I can see my list being seen duplicated. Before it was not like that.

Any help please

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I am not experiencing this issue. Could you provide a screen recording of the issue including the screens in question, the lists, visibility settings, and then a preview of the problem?

I recommend using Loom to record your screen.

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@jibranmusa are they External collections or normal Adalo collections?

Hi, I’m experiencing the same issue for several lists. I’m using Xano as my backend. Is it solvable somehow, or is it something for Adalo’s team to handle?

Hi @Malaz,

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Can you add a video of that behavior? You see the same item again and again?

Thank you

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Hi @dilon_perera,

Thank you for both welcoming me and replying to my comment :grin:

I didn’t see an option to upload a recording, so I uploaded it to YouTube as unlisted. Here is the link: Adalo - External List Duplicated - YouTube

As you can see, it doesn’t happen 100% of the time, for both lists on top and at the bottom. Note that sometimes it even triple not only double the records.

Thanks in advance!

Oh yeah! I also noticed this yesterday. ( Check here : TV_Genres.mp4 - Google Drive )

I guess the best would be Submitting a support ticket. Will report this and let you know a solution!

Thank you

P.S. : Your UI looks great! Good Luck with your app!

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Try disabling the “Load Items as User Scrolls” option in the advanced settings for the lists where items are duplicating.

This is completely just a guess but worth a shot. :sweat_smile:

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Flawless, I guess he will not see that option because I guess the list connected to a external collection :eyes:

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Thank you!

Please update me if you find a solution for this.

Thanks for the compliments :smiley: wish you the best of luck too!

True. The option wouldn’t be there for external collections.

I am using external collection as well, and have the same issue. This happens sometimes, when you go to the page, sometimes the records are duplicated. My external collection is getting the data from an external MSSQL database using WebAPI.

Hi, I am having the same issue!
Does someone from Adalo have any update on how to solve this, or on whether Adalo is aware of this bug and is working on solving this?

Thank you,