Log users off after a period of inactivity

Hello, I’m new here. Trying to search the forum for this but couldn’t find a solution. Is there a way to log users off after a period of inactivity, e.g., not opening the app for some days?


Hello, welcome to the forum… it will be a pleasure to help you… what you need to know is that the apps always work by updating logged in users… the alternative I find is that you have a users section in the admin panel… within users you make a list that has Day that joined … and have another that says close session (day that joined + 5) the 5 are the days that you want to give … add a countdown that only appears if the day current is equal to the day of logout … with an automatic action that is logout current user.

In the user part when your user is created you put a day property and there you add current day + 5 (that will be the day that the session will be closed if you do not use it)

Once the user is logged in, you add a splash screen with an automatic countdown with an action update user loged> day he joined + 5 … then he will update his profile … if he does not enter, he stays with the initial closing day.

I hope this idea helps you, but don’t be afraid to play and investigate! With adalo you can reach the goal in many different ways! which one is the best? THE ONE THAT DOES THE FUNCTION YOU ARE LOOKING FOR! SUCCESSES

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