Looking for Help with Ordering app

Hi There,
I am looking for someone to help with this ordering app for my company.
Orders items are being picked on small inventory lists of 30 items and 5 categories.
Everything works well for ordering a single order but I need to find a way to have 4 separate orders within a main order for delivery purposes.
Each orders need to be delivered to a house at different levels.(Main,Upper,Basement and Garage.
Each order must be listed separately as well as added together on the main order list.
That is were I am stock. If anyone can help I am willing yo pay for your time.


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Hello, how are you, a pleasure! I am Santiago ā€¦ Adalo expert ā€¦ I can help you, I made many ordering apps and even developed editable clones ā€¦ if you leave me your WhatsApp I can write to you ā€¦ so we can see what you need ā€¦ we have two plans ā€¦ per hour or By project!

Hello, Iā€™m ready to help you. This is my email: ali.bazzi2002@gmail.com

Thank you!

Thank you for your response. I found someone to work on the app.

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