Looking For Someone To Create a Microsoft Single Sign-On Component

I have users who use work/school emails that are through Microsoft instead of Google. Can someone develop me a Microsoft SSO component that I can add to my login screen? I am willing to pay for this component if you think you can create this component. Or if you know someone that can please refer me to them. Thanks!

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Creating a Microsoft Single Sign-On (SSO) component for your login screen is a great idea to accommodate users with work/school emails from Microsoft. To find the right developer for this task, you might want to consider reaching out to freelance platforms like Upwork or Fiverr, where you can find experienced developers specializing in SSO integrations.
If you’re interested in enhancing your Microsoft skills, you can explore courses like Power BI Data Analyst Associate. This course can help you gain expertise in Microsoft’s data analytics tools, which might be beneficial for your project.