Looking to hire someone to share screen and walk us through a project

We have an upcoming deadline and need some help. We’re looking to hire an expert and “share screen” as we build certain components of our app. We don’t want to just hire this out, we’re interested in learning the process to get some basic components built. We’re looking for a good teacher as well as a good communicator who help us understand the system. We’ve gotten our mobile app started, but are moving too slow (because we are not experts) to get it finished on time. The components we are needing are:

• Customized Map
• A Booking Calendar (between a lifestyle coach and their clients)
• A one-on-one chat (more like direct messaging between lifestyle coach and their clients)

We’ll handle the design aspect, we just need help with the basic components.

If the relationship goes well, we’re looking to have this Expert on standby for technical issues or additions to the app that will come up in the future.

Please respond with an email to set up an appointment for an interview. We’re looking to get started with this right away.

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By “components” are you looking to code components and get coached or the Adalo’s one?

We’re not sure. We’ve seen videos and other websites that offer components that can be integrated into Adalo via third party. We would like to chat with someone and tell you what we’re looking to do and see if Adalo can handle our requests, or if its third party or if it’s customized.

This is exactly the kind of thing that I do with my mentoring sessions.

I can teach you exactly how to build out the features you need, whether they are with the internal adalo components/database or with a 3rd party integration.

I would be interested to have a simple chat about our project to see if it’s a good fit… would you be open to a phone conversation?

Sure, I can do a 15-minute free consultation to see if we’re a good fit to work together.

Let’s continue this conversation in a direct message.

Sounds good… doers the forum have a DM? Looking for it don’t see it.

I just messaged you. Just FYI, if you click a user’s name or profile pic, you can click “Message” to send one.

I also sent you a private message

Hi @AThompsonTX ,

Just to let you know if this is related to what you are looking for,


There are 2 versions of group chat, normal and ultimate, the difference is the ultimate has paged messages and read indicator, but it will come at slight bit performance cost, but long conversation are facilitated better, and better UX to get to know the other person has read the message.