Make Dark Mode for your Adalo App!

Watch the youtube tutorial here -

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Awesome resource and well explained!

Thanks for appreciating. I am going to make these videos regularly now. So do subscribe the channel :grinning:


Nice tutorial Prakhar!

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Loved the video, subscribing now!

The tutorial says that the app must always open in light mode. I don’t think that’s true. You can save the user preference under a boolean value in the database as a property of the user. Then have the home page in light mode and as a page action, forward to the dark mode if the user’s dark mode property is enabled

Agreed. You set a conditional screen action action by making a splash screen the home screen. Thanks for providing more value to the tutorial :smiley:

Brilliant tutorial. Would it be possible that depending on the system configuration (on iOS) it starts automatically in dark or light mode?