Make uploaded files sent to external storage

hi my fellow adalo users, i would like to ask if there is a way to make my uploaded files be stored externally? as we all know adalo gives a small gigabytes of data for storage even if i get the most expensive plan (200$) 20gb will not fit for my app.

what my app will do is to send attachments for each delivery that we completed basically we are a very small company with only 10 employees, we wanted to use adalo’s platform to make our official app for reporting completed jobs, it will include sending gps-images, form pictures, for every delivery.

so it will be atleast 3 images files per report (daily) i know this is too much but since we are a contractor company and this stuff is required by the company we are currently servicing (a lot of paper works are needed)|

another reason why we decided to have an app is because everything we do in that company is a bunch of hard copy documents we want to keep records and have images for each transaction so we can submit reports for their billing department faster and efficient.

i live in 3rd world country where everything is done by hand, i want to atleast make a small change by making this app.

i am new to adalo and enjoyed learning in the platform, i have zero coding experience.

i already made the app and almost 80% finished inluding the admin (desktop version) sharing the same database with my mobile app.

Hey @daichan try Adalify. Made for Adalo. works great for me, links with AWS S3.

@theadaloguy will be more than helpful, as it is his platform.

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hello @iAppsNi thank you for this recommendation will definitely check this. :slight_smile:

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There are quite a few ways to achieve what you are looking. If you are new to API’s and linking external storage etc you could check out RapidAPI and NoCodeAPI - they simplify the API linking to adding a few base URLs and headers for Adalos Custom Actions function.

You could also use Airtable, (20gb per database I believe). There’s lots of youtube videos on this.

Or you could also use the Adalo File component, and link with AWS S3 using NoCodeAPI or using (again @theadaloguy’s video) Adalo PLYR video component + Amazon S3 - YouTube
Note though the file picker adalo component doesnt - support files above 50mb.

Easiest is use Adalify and with AWS S3 expandable storage, it grows as you grow!

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hello @iAppsNi i signed up adalify for free trial as i told i have no experience in coding and it is the best that i can do for now

im actually a truck driver lol but i like doing stuff like this.

i was able to follow the tutorial and documentation from adalify site and successfully uploaded some images and put it in my adalo app.

i just need to learn how to update and also to delete some records / uploads since im planning to make offline backups atleast every weekend in our nas storage, im also figuring out how to upload multiple files since the web viewer for adalify only allows 1 upload at a time.

thank you @iAppsNi really appreciate it, and for @theadaloguy i hope you can upload more tutorials for your adalify for a complete “no coding ppl” like me. :slight_smile:

cheers ! from :philippines:

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