Making interstitial ads pop up

Hi All

Ive succesfully placed a banner ad at the bottom of my screen. What i want is for when a link is clicked that opens an external url on the users default browser, it shows an interstitial ad just before that.

I’ve seen the video from adalo but it doesn’t actually show how to make it pop up.
There are a couple of previous help questions about it but non of them actually answer this.
Anyone got a walk through or can help?

I’ve put the interstitial ad at the bottom of the page like in the video. It just sits there…



Hey there @LaythT

The video is just a demo to show you the settings, not to explain how to set it up as a pop-up.

If you’re referring to this video: New Feature | AdMob Interstitial Ads - YouTube

It requires 3 screens.

Screen 1 has the list, the list has an action to link to screen 2 with a float up animation. Screen 2 has the interstitial ad and an action button that goes to Screen 3. Screen 3 has the single record from the list click.

Something like this:

Thank you so much

I’ve actually just decided to try something like this. I made it so that the first button linked to the screen with the ad and passed on the url. I made a button on the ad page that linked back and also opened the users browser to the url. Works like a charm


I have the Google admob test ID from the Adalo help page. It says it’s for banners. Will it work for testing the interstitial ads?

I’ve never used any test IDs before, so I’m not sure.

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