Map Function Won't search Latitude Longitude anymore

The map component use to be able to search LAT, LONG. It can not do it anymore On any of my apps. It has been working flawlessly for 5+ months Is there a way to get this working again. it will not show any marker with a lat long input!

Same to my side… :expressionless:

So I guess Adalo has no fix.

Same here It’s been almost 2 weeks,
For me works with city and country address’s, but not with lat and long coordinates.

If your app uses single marker I recommend you to use Google api in html or Java code.

This how I fixed for ones and all.

But if you use multiple Markers in list. Open a ticket with adalo.

I have the same problem.
I sent the ticket to adalo about 3 weeks ago.
I hope the adalo staff will solve this problem as soon as possible.
My work has stopped and it is a big problem.

Greetings from Vancouver Island,

I’m wondering if the map function can be used with a DB of Lat/Long addresses or is this thread saying that using the whole concept of lat/long no longer functions. I have an app I’d like that is simple. Open, the app, hit a button that records, present lat/long, go along and capture say 10 spots all in a simple DB that has those spots stored. Then I’d like to display them within Adalo. I can’t get the display to work and this is the thread I saw regarding maps and Lat/Long, hence, by asking if the whole lat/long thing is busted.

Hey team, this isn’t working for me either. I got around it by just adding the Plus Code from google for each marker instead. Not ideal as i want the Lat/Lng for another function but it works.

I sent a ticket for this issue, but it seems that the issue hasn’t been resolved for the next month.
Is this a low priority issue?

I am very confused.
It’s giving my business a huge problem.

it shouldnt be a low priority issue. but im not sure how many people work for them it seams like maybe 2-6 people work there!

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