Math functions displayed in App

Hello guys,

I’m build an app that help students learn math with courses and quizzes.
However we have difficulty with showing math functions and equations.

Unfortunately it seems that Adalo do not support rendering math equations. We’ve tried to overcome this by different ways:

  • Using plugins like NoCode Html Render and Markdown Render
  • Trying images (it is possible but very difficult as I need to combine text and images).
  • Trying webview (possible but than I need to store text and quizzes somewhere else) .

At this moment there is two ways I can solve it but neither of them is efficient

  • Use images instead of text. It work for text but do not for buttons. There are also problems with responsiveness. Also editing will be hell.
  • Use webview and store rendered text. Also doable for text but not doable for buttons unless I build everything outside Adalo and use Adalo only as way to get to app store and some basic login/register function.

So the question is → do you have any other ideas how can I render math equations in Adalo?

Best regards

Did you try creating a collection with symbols?

i.e. Addition (+), Subtract (-), etc?

Two columns with name of the operator in one and symbol in the other.

And when you want to use the data, you can create a list of 1 item and show the symbol in that list.


3+6 = 9 will be setup in Adalo as

Textbox (3) - list of one (symbol) - textbox (6) - and so on.

This is a very crude workaround :joy:

Let me know what you think


thanks for idea. It sound cool but difficult as well, esp. with some more complex stuff. Right now I’ve found another solution that is using images I can specify equation in LATEX in URL and generate image to use.

This won’t work offline → but for the online solution it is ok.
There is still problem that I cannot put img into text, which means I have to make every page by hand instead of creating the structure for one page and populating it with data from the database.

Generally speaking I think Adalo has many things to improve to become good solution for app development.

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