Maximum number of photos my client can post

Hello everyone, I’ve been busy all day but can’t figure it out. In my app users are allowed to post photos to an address by means of a form. How can I determine the number of photos the user can post at that address. I’ve tried, for example, to have a modal screen appear for the form with 5 photos so that they can’t continue. But that just won’t work. I don’t even know if it’s possible.
I’ve tried to count the existing amount of photos on an address and then activate a modal screen, but that doesn’t work either.

Hello like these, you can do it in two ways

  1. in the database create 5 photos and in a form that can only add 5 photos
  2. create a database of Photos with relation to users, a photo corresponds to a user, put a button that says publish photo and a page opens with a photo form… and the upload photo button you can put a condition that takes you to the screen if user>photos>count is less than 5 or the number of photos you want to publish if there are 5 that says you can’t publish more photos, we recommend you edit a published photo or update your plan to publish + Photos

You can create an update plan of 5 photos x money, 10 photos x money… you just need to add a number of photos to the user database, when the account is created by adding photos=5… so when the user updates the plan it is updating user logead0> photos + the plan that I select…
If you do this type of monetization you must change the button configuration…

I give you these options that I would implement

Thank you very much Santiago.
I gona try to implement this.

Greatings from the Netherlands.

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