Moving users from one app DB to a new one

Hi there. I have an app with about 85 users. We overhauled the app and now need to move these users with their passwords over to the new version. Is there a way to do this? I can’t ask them to recreate their accounts. thanks in advance!

Hi Andy,

When you are in the users collection, you could download the CSV and then import it in the other app.

I tried that James but the passwords didn’t make it. It says username/password is incorrect. Do I have to make the users reset their passwords?

Yeah, you could just say this to your users,

Every 4 months you need to reset your password for security.

— Your App Team Name


You can also just say that the app grew so successfully that you will migrate to another app and as such for security, you should reset your password :slight_smile: .

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Hahaha sounds like a plan. Thanks yall.