Multi select dropdown in a list is hiding

I have a list that contains a multi select dropdown but it is hiding it’s options behind the other list items.

It doesn’t do this with the standard dropdown component but unfortunately that one doesn’t allow for an action to happen when an option is picked so I want to use the multi select.

I also don’t want to make this a modal, I tried that and when you return to the page from the modal, the page jumps back to the top instead of the point where you were at which I don’t like.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Hey there @jpotts
I had this happen the other day. The solution is to bring the multiselect component to the very front. You can do this by clicking on the component, click the menu, select “Arrange > Bring to front”. This should solve the problem.

Strange, I tried that and it didn’t work :confused:

If you have the multiselect component within a group, bring that group to the front as well. If you have anything in the layers above the multiselect, it will block out the multiselect options.

Alternatively, you can create your own custom dropdown like I mentioned in a different thread: Hideous iOS Dropdown Field - Any way out? - #3 by Flawless

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