Hideous iOS Dropdown Field - Any way out?

I took an app out for a Test Flight and the simple, clean dropdown field I was using in Adalo turned into a giant scary monster that dominates half the screen. Could it be any uglier?

Is there any way to:

  1. Ensure the Adalo Dropdown is used?
  2. Resize the fugly iOS monster and make it appear over the dropdown and timer? Or
  3. Avoid using a dropdown altogether?

I believe the dropdown you’re seeing is OS dependent, it’s using elements from within the actual OS, not your app…
It should look different on Android, actually, it should look different between different versions of Android.
I could be wrong about this, but as far as I know there’s nothing you can do about it…at least not within Adalo.

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Hey there @DaBoo & @msmurfitt

I would recommend creating a custom dropdown menu to avoid the iOS default dropdown.

You can accomplish this with a list and visibility settings.

Like this:

This example has a list of posts which has a post category relationship.

When a user clicks the list item, they’re taken to the details screen where it shows either the text where no category selected, or the current selected category.

We display these with visibility settings, like this:

Then on the dropdown screen, I have the list of post categories. When clicked, it updates the current post to contain the current category and link back.

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Thanks @Flawless. It looks like it might make my head explode :face_with_spiral_eyes: but I’ll give it a try. I might try a user input box as well as it seems easier though not as elegant from a user experience standpoint. If the Apple monstrosity wasn’t so massive I might just be tempted to let sleeping hogs lie.

I’ll update when I’ve found a solution.

Following @Flawless’ lead, I got rid of the standard dropdown field in order to avoid the iOS monstrosity and made a list of times on a modal.

Then, on a click event, sent the selected time to an input field as user#. The timer then used that user# as the countdown value in seconds. The input field will be hidden behind the modal.

A little piece of the the Time Selection List can be seen peaking out from under the Timer Modal. If it’s still an issue during TestFlighting I should be able to hide it using visibility settings.

Thanks @Flawless. I’m not sure if I followed your example completely but I managed to get it to work in a satisfactory way.

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