🐒 Multi-Slider | New Component from NoCode Monkey

Hey Everyone,
There’s a new component from NoCode Monkey!!


  • Min/Max Sliders
  • Smooth Sliding action
  • Easy Setup

See Demo

Device Detector (25)


Hello, there I see that the component is installed, there are no tutorials? I don’t know how to use it, I bought it for the following I have a collection of cars>prices I need the user to be able to filter the cars by the prices that are between the component they buy… but I don’t know how to do it

Good work, guys!

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I need HELP with this component!

Hey Santiago,
If you have any experience with the Adalo slider, it works the exact same way (except it has a second slider).

  1. You can set a maximum and minimum number for the slider range.
  2. The sliders will adjust a dataset in the database (lets call them min_number and max_number)

Then if you have a list, you can just have it filter based off of those numbers in the users database.

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Hello, it is the first time that I use the slider

I don’t understand why it tells me where I want to save it and the logged in user message appears

the slider has a minimum of 0 and a maximum of 2000, it increases from 20 to 20

so if I say from 100 to 500 I need the list to be filtered with all the products that are between 100 and 500… but it doesn’t allow me to do it

I think you have to create two number properties ( Min value and Max Value) on the Users collection and set that number properties on the slider and filter the list by that Logged in user created number properties. ( Precio>is between>Logged in user Min Value and Max value)


Exactly. @dilon_perera is correct here.


Great, thank you very much, I’m going to do it right now! Thanks for the answers!