Need Component Created - WebApp

Hello! I dont even know if its possible. I need someone to make a component that keeps my components where I put them. I am so tired of everything looking fine in the editor for my webapps but then being all over the place when I go actually view my webapp.

Please help!!

Hello, this is not a matter of component but you have to learn Adalo’s rules for ui design, sometimes it gets really tricky because of something that is fixed or not or even just slightly overlapping, and I really feel you cause I’m an expert and sometimes I spend quite a time figuring out what is causing these issues.
Good luck and if you need any assistance on this just contact me.

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Ive noticed that the ios apps do this as well, what I do is put invisible text boxes next to the components I am trying to fix in place, oddly… this works. Especially when using visability rules for multiple things connected, I’d recommend you try this, see what happens.

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