Need Help ASAP for someone to create jobseeker app

Hello, community!

I’m looking for someone or a team of experts who can help me create an app that is capable of building a beautiful UI jobseeker/job-board app and add some functionalities in the app:

  1. this app is possible with a separate login such as an end-user for the company to be able for the job post and a user for the job seeker with available upload cv and add a profile.
  2. features dropdown menu list such as type jobs, available jobs for people with disabilities, and also remote.
  3. nearby job list.
  4. Multilanguage
  5. talent space/profile user list

and I hope that the app could prevent double clicks or bugs because it would be no comfort for users to use the app if there was an app/component with a double click error that could prevent users to using the app and performance as we often find demo apps on Adalo. We’ll be able to know each other more and see if it makes sense to collaborate.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me at


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Hello Rian!

Check this template from Boglex:

It have 2 sides of the app:
1 for Job seekers
1 for Companies or Individuals looking to hire

I’m happy to help. Looking for portfolio projects.

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Hello, we would be honored to develop your app. please book a meeting on

I’m interested in a similar design but not for jobs specifically. Are you still available? Thanks.

Yes, you can DM me with specifications, timelines, etc.

Hello. I have a blueprint of the app I would like to develop and would like to create it on Adalo. I may want to make some changes. Do you have a portfolio? Price list? Thank you.

The “Job Seeker app” Template will be ready soon on Webnux Marketplace

Thank you!