Need Help with Cusom Action using Post

Hi! Would be thankful for any help. I have problem with using api Post method.

Here is the example of code:

curl --location --request POST  '' \

--header 'x-api-key: <your_api_key>' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
  "price_amount": 3999.5,
  "price_currency": "usd",
  "pay_currency": "btc",
  "ipn_callback_url": "",
  "order_id": "RGDBP-21314",
  "order_description": "Apple Macbook Pro 2019 x 1"

I have created a Custom Action with POST that calls base url
But I have problems with passing Headers…
I tried to use different options but still got error “Invalid API key”

Maybe someone could create a Custom action with successfull auth and could show a screenshot of the Headers…

I attached screenshots of what I done.

Hi @HApp,

In here they have not added Bearer and only API Key.

In your x-api-key header remove Bearer and the space and keep only the API Key and try again!

Thank you

Thanks, it worked! I thought that I have tired this before but apparently I made mistakes…

Thank you!

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Awesome! And also in your post remove the API key or I will do that! Otherwise it’s public :melting_face: Or you can create a new one ( I believe you can ) and delete this one.

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I have deleted that one and also will create new one! Thank you!)

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