📣 New Boglex APP TEMPLATE (E-commerce)

Hello all no-coders!
Today we’re happy to announce that we have deployed a new app template made in Adalo! This time is paid :frowning:

GET IT FOR FREE: ADALO100 (Limited for 1 single person)

Discount code for Adalo community: ADALO20 (available only 24 hours)

There’s an e-commerce app (we did it for home products) but you can easily adjust it for any type of e-commerce. It’s a professional app in matter of UI/UX and functionality. It includes:

  • Products system (frontend+backend in Adalo)

  • Categories

  • Big brands of industry

  • Custom cart system

  • Favourites system

  • Orders system

  • Beautiful design for an e-commerce app

  • Custom amount counter

  • Custom product page

And a lot of interesting features.

If you want to see how a professional app is made, you’re free to check the link: https://www.boglex.de/product-page/e-commerce-app-template

Dedeman template image for product

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Hello, great, there I was testing it … I found some errors so you can fix it

  1. select a product of 229dls … 2 units … total 459dls but it told me checkout 229dls

  2. once the order is placed, it would be good for the user to have a place for their orders

Hello @Santiago,
Thank you for the feedback, we fixed the pice calculations right now.

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Some links do not send to any page example: the category collections found in the side menu …

It seems to be working:

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