New Google Play Policy - 20 testers for 14 days

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Just wanted to make sure all of you are aware of this new change with Google Play developer accounts.

If you’re planning to publish your Android app using an individual account, there’s a new requirement you need to meet: adding 20 testers who will download and test your app. Here’s the catch: the countdown for 14 days starts from the day the 20th user downloads the app and keeps it on their device, actively testing it every day for the next two weeks. Once you pass this you can apply for production as shown below →

This ensures thorough testing and feedback collection before your app goes live. For more detailed information on this process, you can check out this video: Google Play Testing Requirements



Hello. Thank you for the information. That is definitely some new rule. Fortunately, I didn’t have to do that just under a month ago. So, you need to have a small army of people. That’s really tricky

Hmm- interesting. But I guess there’s no way of them checking to see if it’s not just 20 test email accounts with one tester behind them.


@speakupboy Thing to note - devices should be unique for each email to get approval for production.


@ishantanusrivastava Hmm. That’s a problem… but maybe an opportunity?

This will quickly become a service. It could be done programmatically via Browserstack, but more likely will be done via device farms.

Hi @speakupboy ,

Indeed, if you explore freelance platforms, you’ll stumble upon a small cluster of individuals who’ve begun leveraging this trend for business endeavors! :joy:

@Rozza , absolutely, it has transformed into a service now. I believe Google likely has strategies in place to address alternative approaches as well, although I could be mistaken.


I too really found 20 testers for 14 days very problematic. Asked for 20 testers in various forums and sub reddits but barely got 10 testers. Then tried this app called Testers Community and to my surprise got remaining 10 testers within 24 hours of posting my app links. (its FREE tho)

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Were “they” affordable, really?
Was it a “painful task”, really?
Did you join “24” minutes ago, really?


And there it is!
Fair enough, if it solves the problem.

Yes, they were.
When you spent week in pinging friends or people just to do some steps for you, they can do it but someone in 2 days, someone in 2 hours and this just blocks timer for this 14days of testing. So, I risked and payed to save my time and nerves.
I’m not a fun of forums because of such people which always “have to reply or comment” but sometime I feel necessity to share worth things which helped me. And if this site helps someone else I will not be greedy
See ya!

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Don’t you think we need a mechanism for Android developers to help each other? I have experienced closed testing and I thought I had learned my lesson. So I created a mechanism for developers to exchange tests without the need to message each other.

Please try to use it. Many developers are starting to use it and release apps, but I need your help for this mechanism.

If you are interested in my thoughts, please read the article I have written.

Help me test and I will test back

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